A fun and messy way to explore our

The Toddlers have enjoyed footprint painting. A fun and messy way to explore our ‘touch’ senses, colour and mark/pattern making!

We did this by putting our feet into lots of different coloured paint and walking up and down the paper on the floor. It was fun to feel the cold paint on the bottoms of our feet and spread it around in lots of different ways, making swooshes and mixing different colours.

It was also nice to take turns with our friends, and all of the children were able to demonstrate super turn taking! Well done!

EYFS links:

MOVING AND HANDLING: 8-20 months; “enjoys the sensory experience making marks in paint”/16-26 months: “Makes connections between their movement and the marks they make.

MANAGING FEELINGS & BEHAVIOUR; 16-26 months; “Begins to learn that some things are theirs, some things are shared, and some things belong to other people”