Preschool 2 have been investigating objects that sink and objects that float

We had lots of fun investigating floating and sinking today, as the children selected an object, we would talk about our thoughts on whether the objects float or sink. We introduced a wide vocabulary to the activity including float, sink, big, small, shape, heavy, light, weight, water, bottom, surface etc. After the activity we invented our own story about ‘floating and sinking” using props as characters, such as pirates, a large boat and even a dinosaur!


EYFS Links

  • Communication and Language – Speaking 30-50 months
  • Mathematics – Uses positional language 30-50 months
  • Understanding the world – Talking about why things happen and how things work 30-50 months
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Confident to talk to other children when playing, and will communicate freely about own home and community 30-50 months
  • Expressive arts and designs – Being Imaginative 30-50 months