...and outdoor fun in the garden

The babies have really enjoyed doing lots of mark making! We have been doing large scale painting where the babies got their wet suits on and enjoyed using all parts of their bodies to make marks with paint on the floor! We have also been doing finger painting in the table tops, which allowed the babies to explore the texture of the paint, as well as develop their fine motor skills, and of course get very messy! We’ve been using sticks to make marks in lots of coloured sand and glitter too!

The babies have also been enjoying lots of time in the garden. Scooping up the leaves with metal spoons, rolling balls to each other and practising their movement skills in the fresh air, whether they be crawling, cruising, walking or even running!


EYFS links:

8-20 months; Physical Development; Moving and handling;  enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paint

8-20 months; Communication & Language; Listening and attention; has strong exploratory impulses, concentrates on activity of own choosing for short period of time

8-20 months; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Making relationships; Interacts with others and explores new situations when supported by a familiar person

8-20 months; Physical Development; Moving and handling; Crawls, bottomshuffles to get around, beginning to cruise, takes first few steps independently