We have had a very special visit from one of our parents, Dan, who is a paramedic

We have had a very special visit from one of our parents, Dan, who is a paramedic. He very kindly brought his ambulance and equipment for us to explore.

The children listened really well to what he had to say and took turns asking questions. Dan showed the children what was in the big bags that he had to carry. This included a machine that monitors oxygen levels and the children put their fingers into the monitor and checked their own levels. We talked about blood pumping in our bodies and having a healthy heart and how our heart beating pumps blood around our bodies. We also had a demonstration of bandaging which was great fun.

The children then went outside and they all had chance to go into the back of the ambulance, to lie on the bed and also look at all of the equipment that was in the back of the ambulance. The children were also able to say good morning to the lady who works in the control room. The highlight of the visit was when the children could press the horn and then Dan turned on the lights and sirens, which was very loud!!

We are all very grateful to Dan the paramedic for giving up his time to share this exciting and enriching experience with the children.

Links to EYFS:
The World :People and communities; Shows an interest in different occupations and way of life – 30 -50 Months
Communication: Understanding; Listens and responds to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion – 40 -60 months
PSE: Managing feelings and behaviour; Can usually adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine – 30-50 months