The pre-school children love to make playdough, with a little bit of adult help

The pre-school children love to make playdough, with a little bit of adult help. This activity is an important part of continuous provision, supports physical development and manipulative skills as well as creativity and personal development.

The Recipe….

  1. First mix flour and cornflour, then carefully pour the water little by little untill we get the right consistency.
  2. Its time to add some colour using liquid paint – we never quite know what colour we will get with a splash of this and a splash of that!
  3. Now we can get messy, dusting the flour or cornflour on the table – the children love the soft sensory feel.
  4. The final special touch is to add some glitter – hey presto the playdough is ready to be rolled, shaped and moulded anyway you want!

The children experience a huge sense of satisfaction as a result of being actively involved in making something they love to use.

EYFS Links
Physical Development (Moving and Handling) Show control in using vessels for pouring – 22-36 months
Mathematics (Number) Use language relating to quantity eg more, less – 22-36 months
Expressive Arts and Design  (Exploring and using media and materials) Explore colour and how it can change– 30-50 months
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Making Relationships) Keep play going by responding to what others are doing – 30-50 months

Characteristics of Effective Learning : Engage in open-ended activity, showing ‘can do’ attitude, maintain focus, being proud of what they accomplish