The Preschool children have been exploring autumn through mark making

Pre-school one have had lots of fun exploring the different leaves and sticks that we had found in the garden, looking at the shapes, colours and textures.  We used words to describe them such as “big, little, crispy, and crunchy!” We then decided to use them as tools to make marks in the paint, so we dipped them in and made lots of different marks all over the paper, going up and down and round and round, mixing the colours and making new colours.

EYFS links:

Moving & Handling, 22-36 months:

•Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers,
books and mark-making tools.
•Beginning to use three fingers (tripod grip) to hold writing tools
• Imitates drawing simple shapes such as circles and lines.

The world, 22-36 months:

•Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.