Its ‘home from home’ in the refreshed Preschool roleplay & home corner. Familiar items that might be found at home have been introduced, along with objects to spark curiosity and boost their inquisitive minds.

The children have had a great time investigating! Some couldn’t wait to dive into the dressing up suitcase to choose a new outfit, or rummage through the cupboards and help lay the table for tea! Whilst others, have really enjoyed getting comfy sitting quietly reading a book or nursing a sleeping baby on the new armchair and vintage style rug. Also on the way is a set of traditional weighing scales to add to the kitchen area, which will expand their role play and help the children build on their mathematical skills.

EYFS Links
Expressive Arts : Being Imaginative
Notices what adults do, imitating what is observed and doing it spontaneously when adult is not there, 30-50 Months.
Engages in imaginative role play based on first hand experiences, 30 -50 Months.
Creates simple representations of events people and objects, 40 -60 Months.
Introduces a story line or narrative in their play, 40-60 Months.