The babies have been enjoying Sensory Week!
The babies have been enjoying Sensory Week!
Exploring different textures and weights of natural resources such as leaves, stones, shells and pine cones
Tasting fruits such as sweet mango and sour grapefruit. Yum!
Discovering home-made Scent-sory bottles containing strawberry, lemon, orange and peppermint smells.
– Exploring ‘lava’ painting – making marks in paint under laminate sheets with their fingers and sticks.
The children took it in turns to explore the resources and studied each other intently waiting to see their reaction to the taste or smell. We giggled when the sour tastes made us make funny faces!

EYFS links

8-20 months – Making relationships: Interacts with others and explores new situations when supported by familiar person.

8-20 months -Physical Development -Moving and handling – Picks up object between finger and thumb

8-20 months – Listening and attention – Has a strong exploratory impulse.

8-20 months – Moving and handling – Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paste or paint.