Move over Pru and Paul!
The children helped to identify and weigh out the ingredients for their baking, identifying when the numbers matched. We used mathematical language to talk about needing more or less. The children took it in turns to mix the ingredients and we spoke about what each of the ingredients did in the recipe. They then rolled out the dough and cut out their scone using the cutters. Once baked, we enjoyed our scones at tea time with raspberry jam! Yummy! The children washed and dried their hands independently and we spoke about the importance of this when handling food.
Rolling, squishing, poking, squeezing and moulding malleable materials such as dough also helps young children to develop and strengthen the muscles in their tiny hands, which is really important for pre-writing skills. It can also be calming, promote social interactions, encourage creativity and enhance hand-eye co-ordination too.

PSED: Birth to 3 year olds will be learning to:

  • Begin to show ‘effortful control’. For example, waiting for a turn and resisting the strong impulse to grab what they want or push their way to the front.

Mathematics; 3 and 4 year olds will be learning to:

  • Compare quantities using language: ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’.
  • Compare amounts, saying ‘lots’, ‘more’ or ‘same’.

Physical Development: 3 and 4 year olds will be learning to:

  • Use one-handed tools and equipment

Understanding the world: 3 and 4 year olds will be learning to:

  • Use all their senses in hands-on exploration of natural materials