Some of the children in pre-school 2 have been reading their favourite fairy stories and a particular favourite was 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

Today the toddlers explored large scale painting using different paint rollers. The children selected the colours they wanted to use and used the rollers to create the marks on the paper. The toddlers were encouraged to identify the different colours, and even recognised when the colours had mixed and changed! We were fascinated that red and blue created a browny colour.

We then explored and interpreted the variety of marks we had created. The children identified them as bubbles and water, as one of the rollers representated waves, which we thought was a fantastic observation.

This activity also encouraged sharing and waiting for our turn as we only provided the children with 4 rollers for a group of 6. The toddlers did very well sharing their rollers with the other children and were very polite when asked to give someone else a turn.

Maybe next time we can explore other ways to mix colours and create marks and textures using different tools and materials.

Links to EYFS:

  • Personal Social & Emotional Development, Managing feelings and behaviour: 16-26 Months – Begin to learn somethings are shared and some belong to others.
  • Physical Development : Moving and handling 16-26 months: Makes connections between the movement and marks they make