This morning the weather looked wet & grey but this wasn

Splashing In Muddy Puddles!

This morning the weather looked wet & grey but this wasn’t going to stop the Toddler’s…. they decided to go out into the garden and explore all of the muddy puddles! We got prepared putting on our waterproofs and wellies, then headed out to the garden for lots of jumping in water to make lots, “Splashes!” & “Sploshes!”. We explored the puddles by using our hands as well to make smaller splashes and waves too!

Rain or shine we love exploring our garden!



Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making relationships, 16-26 months – Plays along side others.

Communication and Language: Speaking, 16-26 months – Beginning to put words together.

Communication and Language: Speaking, 22-36 – Uses simple sentences.

Physical Development: Moving and Handling, 22-36 months – Squats to the ground with steadiness to rest or play with object on the ground.