All you need is LOVE
 Pride month has been the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate and explore all different family setups, our uniqueness, our self-strength and the fundamental importance of love with the children.
Sharing the story ‘Who’s in my family?’ sparked a wonderful discussion amongst the children and staff about our different families. The children recognised that some of us have a Mummy and Daddy, or just one Mummy or Daddy, some of us have two Mummies or Daddies, some of us have step-parents or grandparents caring for us, some of us have siblings and some of us don’t. But every family has one thing the same… LOVE!
We then made our own family portraits, asking the children to think about using different resources to focus on our features like hair and eye colour.
We have incorporated and explored the rainbow symbol and colours in our play. The children instantly recognise the rainbow as a happy symbol and have enjoyed exploring the various colours of the rainbow through sensory jelly play and expressive art and design activities.
The children are also enjoying positive affirmations during circle time, using simple, bold movements and exclaiming “I am strong; I am loved; I am me!”. You can view the video on our Facebook page.