We love learning through play with our friends every day!
We went on a bear hunt, WE WEREN’T SCARED! With the help of props, textured resources, story cards and even a cameo appearance from Beth the Bear, Preschool brought their favourite story to life!
The children all joined in with the repeated refrains that Kim, Beth and Khadija couldn’t remember, and explored the squelchy, sticky mud and cold, cold water. Once we had explored each part of the story, we ran away and hid from Beth the Bear as she chased us!
Don’t try this at home! ¬†Recently the Preschool children (and staff!) have been keen to get as messy as possible. So just imagine their delight when we zipped up our puddle suits, squirted colourful paint on the floor and turned ourselves into human paintbrushes! Some of the children preferred to hold their paintbrush to make their marks, whilst others rolled, jumped, sat, walked and balanced on one leg in the paint!
We made a firework display of colours and patterns on the floor, and tried to spot marks that were the same or different.
Shop ‘Til You Drop!
Preschool were fully immersed in supermarket role play with their friends recently:
Making a list of the items they need to buy
Ringing the bell to enter the shop
Sanitising their hands and baskets
Collecting the items in their basket
Chatting to the ‘shopkeeper’ at the checkout
– Handling money and counting out change
Taking it in turns to be the customer/shopkeeper
One of the children brought a photo in of how helpful they have been shopping with their mummy in real life too!