We love learning through play with our friends every day!

The Pretoddlers enjoyed sharing the book Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit with Tracey and all enjoyed singing along to happy birthday.

Yoga and relaxation was a real hit with the Babies, so the Pretoddlers have taken part too! Fun Yoga is great for young children to practice their balance, increase awareness of their body and the space around them and have a really good move and stretch!

The Pretoddlers were delighted to find some puddles that the rain had left behind and wasted no time in jumping in them! The children splashed in the puddles, laughing with excitement when the water splashed their friends. Some of the children enjoyed sitting in the puddles and exploring them with their hands

The Pre-Toddlers have enjoyed creating their own sounds, banging on the beam and banging objects together to create different sounds. The children began singing their favourite rhymes to the beat too!

Experimenting with paint and modelling playdough enables the children to explore mark-making and develop their fine motor skills. The resources are easily accessible to enable the children to independently select the colours and tools that they would like to explore.