The toddlers have been busy exploring shapes, colours and animals

This week in Toddlers, we have been exploring, identifying and naming shapes and what colours they are. We have also been exploring, identifying and naming animals, using role play to discover what different sounds they make. Most of the children were able to recognise the primary colours aswell as simple shapes such as ‘square, triangle and circle’.  Our focus this week was to encourage the children to begin imitating drawing simple shapes such as lines and circles. Some of the children needed more support than others, but each of them showed a ‘can do it’ attitude’ towards this activity, copying simple marks.

Throughout the week, we have had quite a lot of cold, snowy weather which the children have loved playing in. We have made snowmen and even snow rabbits after one of the children requested this.  The children have also been very independent in dressing themselves for the cold weather outdoors, putting on their own coats, gloves and wellies before going out to play and build in the snow.