Over the past Month Pre – school have focused on emotion, families, differences and similarities.

Over the past month Pre – school have focused on emotion, families, differences and similarities.

The children have been looking at family photos, books about different families and even tried to draw their own family members. We used various art resources to create self-portraits, focusing on the emotion on our faces. They listened to stories about other children, then discussed how they were different to us and who they thought they looked like in their families. We discussed the importance of why we should be kind to everyone even if we think they are different to us.
“I look like my mommy; we have same hair”

The children joined in and contributed to discussions about how they were feeling and we asked them different types of questions to really get them to extend on their answer. Towards the end the children were able to start to tell us why they felt a particular emotion.
“Sad because my daddy at work”

Puppets were used to create social stories, acting out a range of scenarios the children might face. The puppets acted out snatching, pushing and not being kind to others. We talked to the children about how the puppets were feeling and acted out what they should do if this happens to them. The children were able to identify the different emotions and were able to suggest ideas on what the puppet should have done. The children then took the opportunity to make up their own puppet shows.
“You don’t snatch, it not nice”

Personal Social and Emotion – Managing Feeling and Behaviour – 22 – 36 Months – “Can express their own feelings such as sad, happy, cross, scared, worried”
30-50 Months – Aware of own feelings and knows that some actions and words can hurt others feelings”
40 – 60 Months – Beginning to be able to negotiate and solve problems without aggression”
Understanding the world – People and communities – 30 – 50 Months – “Knows some of things that make them unique, and can talk about some of the similarities and differences in relation to friends or family”
Communication and Language – Speaking – 30 – 50 Months – “Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts.