In Pre-School at Kings Norton the children have been very busy indeed playing and learning outside.
We had a lot of fun making Oobleck using cornflour, water and food colouring. We all had turns to pour some flour and mix in the different colours. “It feels wet and fluffy!” we said.
We then decided to put our overalls and wellies and play with the water, using cups, water syringes and even the hose pipe! We had so much fun getting our friends and staff wet.
Just before tea, we tried tasting lemons and limes and describing how it felt on our tongues. “It’s so sour!” and “It’s making me make a funny face!” we shouted.
We used some leftover lemons to make mini volcanoes using baking powder and food colouring. We were really excited to see the end result! We cut the tops off the lemons and used spoons to make a hole in the middle leaving all the juice, so that this would react with the baking powder. We kept mixing it all together and this caused a bubbling reaction.
EYFS links:
Personal, social and emotional development: Making relationships: 30-50 months
• Initiates play, offering cues to peers to join them.
Managing feelings and behaviour: 30-50 months
• Begins to accept the needs of others and can take turns and share resources, sometimes with support from others.
Communication and language: Speaking: 30-50 months
• Questions why things happen and gives explanations.
Expressive art and design: Exploring and using media and materials: 30-50 months:
• Beginning to be interested in and describe the texture of things.