Kings Norton Toddlers have been learning all about people who help us.

Kings Norton Toddlers have been learning all about people who help us.

The children explored the topic through role play with small world figures such as; builders, fire fighters, doctors and nurses and a range of books about people that help us, looking at pictures of the vehicles that match those jobs. Whilst looking through the books some of the children were able to correctly name some of the vehicles they could see, such as; “police car” and “ambulance”. During the activities we also encouraged and talked to the children using different language based on each individual child’s development to extend on their knowledge and understanding.

Throughout the week the children showed high levels of interest in this topic, in particular the different vehicles. Therefore, as part of our next steps we would like to invite different services to the nursery, for example; the fire service, police or ambulance service. This will then further the children’s interest as well as familiarising them with the vehicles & equipment used and the people that help them. While all the time having lots of fun!

EYFS Links:
Understanding the World: The World, 22-36 months – Enjoys playing with small-world models such as a farm, a garage, or a train track.

Understanding the World: People & Communities, 30-50 months – Shows interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them.

Communication and language: Speaking, 30-50 months – Uses vocabulary focused on objects and people that are of particular importance to them

Physical Development: Moving and Handling, 22-36 months – Turns pages in a book, sometimes several at once.

Literacy: Reading, 30-50 months -Looks at books independently.