The Bromsgrove children enjoyed a real treat when a paramedic came to visit

The children at Shooting Stars Bromsgrove were in for a real treat yesterday when they saw a real ambulance pull up outside on the nursery car park. The paramedics came inside to visit us and invited us into their ambulance to explore all of the exciting medical equipment!

The children loved trying on the paramedic’s helmets, masks and heart rate monitors, and wrapping each other in bandages. We had lots of questions for the paramedics and they told us so many interesting things about ambulances and paramedics.

We are now looking forward to developing the children’s interest in the emergency services through mathematical activities, expressive art and design and literacy.

The paramedics said that it really benefits the children to have a positive experience of an ambulance and to understand that Paramedics are people that help us. This can help a child to feel more at ease if they, or somebody they know, ever needs their help in future.

We would like to thank West Midlands Ambulance Service for taking the time to visit us and help the children to understand more about people who help us through hands on experience. Please come back again soon!

EYFS links:
Personal, social and emotional development:
– Is more outgoing towards unfamiliar people and more confident in new social situations (30-50 months)
– Begins to accept the needs of others and can take turns and share resources (30-50 months)
– Separates from main carer with support and encouragement from a familiar adult (22-36 months)

Communication and language:
– Listens to others one to one or in small groups (30-50 months)
– Uses a variety of questions (22-36 months)
– Builds up vocabulary that reflects the breadth of their experiences (30-50 months)

Physical development:
– Understands that equipment and tools have to be used safely (30-50 months)

Understanding the world:
– Shows interest in different occupations (30-50 months)