Pre-School 2 have been focusing on the story "Handa

Pre-School 2 have been focusing on the story “Handa’s Surprise” where a little girl collects fruit for her friend.

The children really enjoyed listening to the story and looking at the pictures of all the different cheeky animals who stole the beautiful brightly coloured fruits. This inspired us to take a trip to our local supermarket where we had opportunity to recognise, choose and buy some of the lovely exotic fruits from the story. We took them back to nursery and used them as props for role play, retelling the story in our own way and counting them in and out of the basket.

Lots of Pre-school were keen to taste these colourful fruits so we decided to have a taste test! With some adult support the children had a good go at cutting the different fruit and talked about which fruit they liked the best!


EYFS Links

Literacy: Reading, 30-50 months – Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall.

Mathematics: Shape, space and measure, 30-50 months – Shows awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment.

Physical Development: Health and self-care, 40-60 months – Eats a healthy range of foodstuffs and understands need for variety in food.