This week the Toddler

This week the Toddler’s have been exploring mud, discovering how we can use it in different ways.

We mixed mud and water to create some, “Paint”, and the children really enjoyed making marks using the mud, paintbrushes and their hands, whilst talking about what they painted. Some of the other children explored their imagination and enjoyed making potions and gloopy mixes using the mud and leaves which they found in the garden.

EYFS Links

Physical Development: Moving and Handling 16-26 months – Makes connections between their movement and the marks they make.

Expressive arts and design: Exploring and using media and materials 22-36 months – Experiments with blocks, colours and marks.

Expressive Arts and Design: Being imaginative 22-36 months – Beginning to use representation to communicate, e.g. drawing a line and saying ‘That’s me.