We have been¬†making colourful celebration artwork and cards, using glitter, sequins and tissue paper. We have also been copying pictures of lanterns, symbols and Chinese flowers. We loved exploring noodle play with tweezer ‘chopsticks’, attempting to pick up as many noodles as we could!

Pre-school 1 have been exploring one of their favourite stories, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. 🥣 We filled different sized bowls with cereal and used words such as bigger, smaller, more, less and language of position too. We explored the texture of the cereal between our hands and used lots of words to describe how it felt.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day this week, Preschool 2 focused on love and special people. We spoke about feelings and created our own love bugs to give to someone special!

Snow Babies! The babies noticed there was something different about their surroundings… snow! At first they used their hands to feel and grab the snow. Some of the children also noticed that their wellies left bumpy marks. They enjoyed using tools to dig and scoop the snow and watched the older children throw the snow up into the air. We used simple words to describe the snow, such as cold, wet and white