Today we have had lots of fun planting seeds outdoors.

Today we have had lots of fun planting seeds outdoors.

We demonstrated, encouraged and helped the children place the soil into the pot using a scoop, then made a space for the little seed. They really enjoyed this activity and some of the children loved the feeling of the soil in their hands, letting it fall through their fingers. The older children used a range of vocabulary during this activity such as, “My pot is full”, “I need some more soil!”, “My seed will grow into beans!”, “It will grow really big if we water it!”.

Once we had all finished planting the seeds, we filled up our watering cans to give the our plants a big drink! We cant wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks.

EYFS Links:
8-20 months: Explores and experiments with a range of media through sensory exploration
16-26 months: Enjoys filling and emptying containers.

22-36 months: Notices detailed features of objects in their environment

30-50 months: Developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time

30-50 months: Shows care and concern for living things and the environment

30:50: Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plant, animals, natural and found objects