Its been an exciting week in Pre-school 2 as we’ve had some new toys to investigate!

Its been an exciting week in Pre-school 2 as we’ve had some new toys to investigate!

One of our favourites has been our wooden dolls apartment and multicultural dolls. These new toys are a great resource that aids and links into our planned learning areas, which recently have been looking at our differences and knowing that everyone has some differences and some similarities. We have been talking about and looking at our own individual features such as hair and skin colour and as the doll’s apartment was very popular, we have also been looking at the different homes people live in around the world. The children have shown a big interest in the world map and where the different homes are, so this sparked them to ask appropriate questions such as, “Is it hot there?”.

Our next steps will be to continue looking at differences and similarities and to talk about what we have noticed, helping to broaden the children’s vocabulary. Other exciting activities we have planned for the coming weeks are; valentines’ pictures, to develop using one handed tools safely and also writing and pen control, and for pancake day we will be doing a taste testing session, to give the children chance to try different fruits and vegetables they don’t normally choose to eat and talk about the importance of having a balanced diet.


EYFS Links

Understanding the world: People and communities, 30-50months – Shows interest in different occupations and ways of life

Understanding the world: The world, 40-60 months – Looks closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change

Communication and Language: Speaking, 30-50 months – Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts

Physical Development: Health and self-care, 40-60 months – Eats a healthy range of food stuffs and understands the need for variety in food