In July our staff took part in learning through nature training

In July our staff team took part in ‘learning through nature’ training. The training focused on supporting children to explore and discover the world around them, practical ideas of how to develop children’s interest in life processes and living things and supporting children’s scientific exploration. The staff also considered the emotion well-being that being outdoors offers the child along with ideas on helping children learn to manage risks and challenges.
‘Exploration involves the first four of the science processes observing, classifying, raising questions and hypothesizing. As children’s thinking and reasoning skills mature they become better able to handle the more complex science processes, predicting, planning, interpreting and communicating and build their skills in scientific enquiry.’ Johnson 2005
Some activities you might want to try at home to support your child’s nature exploration:
• Watching the clouds/listening to sounds outside

• Going on a nature trail
• Digging, planting and watering in the garden
• Minibeast hunt
• Making a nature jar for your coffee table
• Taking care of indoor plants
• Make a bird house or fill a bird feeder
• Set up a perfume/potions making table