Wolverhampton preschool have been enjoying yoga in the garden under the shade of the big tree
…Aaaaaaaand relax!
In Preschool we enjoyed a yoga session yesterday under the shade of the big tree. We didn’t know there were so many different ways to breathe! We did Elephant, Tummy, Shoulder Roll, Take 5, Balloon, Bubble and Bumblebee Breathing. Elephant breathing was our favourite as we used our arms like trunks dangling down, before stretching them up in the air.
As we were doing all of these breathing exercises, we thought about all the love, peace and happiness that was coming out of us and filling the air around us.
EYFS links:
Listening and attention, 30-50 months, Is able to follow directions
Understanding, 30-50 months, Responds to simple instructions
Moving and handling, 30-50 months, Moves freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways;  Can stand momentarily on one foot when shown.
Health and self-care, 30-50 months, Observes the effects of activity on their bodies.