Toe painting to classical music… A perfect relaxing mood booster!
As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we are doing lots of calming and mindful activities to promote the children’s well-being. This morning the Preschool children had a go at using their toes to control their paintbrush, letting the music inspire and bring focus to their movements. They showed lots of concentration, determination and skill, and created a wonderful piece of group art to be proud of.
In Toddler 2, we have been doing lots of creative things to express ourselves in different ways and feel good.
We enjoyed the sensory experience of mixing and sinking our hands slowly into slime, thinking about how it made us feel calm and relaxed
We studied our reflections carefully in the mirror, making different faces to reflect a range of emotions
We drew self-portraits, and noticed similarities and differences between us and our friends
For Children’s Mental Health Week, the nursery was a happy hive of activity all week. The children enjoyed opportunities to express themselves through art, music, dressing up, sewing and of course through play and laughter all week! We used messy play to soothe ourselves through sensory experience, we practiced mindful activities such as yoga and meditation and spent as much time outdoors as we could to boost our mood and well-being. Even though the awareness week has come to a close, our focus on well-being is here to stay! (see our Facebook page for video!)