Babies and Pretoddlers
Autumn Sensory Week
The babies made their own autumn paintings and acorn pictures to put on display and explored a sensory tray full of autumnal colours, natural treasures, mark making resources, books and mirrors. Some of the children also brought in seasonal treasure bags to share.
Autumnal, natural treasures, household items and illuminated sensory objects all attracted the attention of the Pretoddlers for different reasons and they were keen to explore them all! Even a humble upturned Amazon box formed the basis of some wonderful expressive art and design!
Birth – 3 years: Understanding the world:
– Explore materials with different properties.
– Explore natural materials, indoors and outside.
Birth – 3 years: Expressive art and design:
– Start to make marks intentionally.
– Explore paint, using fingers and other parts of their bodies as well as brushes and other tools.
Birth – 3 years: Communication and language:
– Reach or point to something they want while making sounds.
– Constantly babble and use single words during play.
– Use intonation, pitch and changing volume when ‘talking’.