Yesterday in the baby room we enjoyed getting messy exploring jelly!

Yesterday in the baby room we enjoyed playing with jelly! We had red and green jelly so the children could explore different colours and mixing them together. As the babies are enjoying filling/emptying containers, we put some cups into the jelly.

The babies enjoyed exploring the jelly using their whole bodies, getting the best sensory experience out of it. Their favorite way to explore the jelly was with their mouths! The children enjoyed picking the jelly up in their hands, squishing it between their fingers and filling up the cups with jelly. One of our babies also helped Katie to wash up the cups!

EYFS links-
Explored and experiments with a range of media through sensory exploration and using whole body.
Becomes absorbed in combining objects, e.g. banging two objects together or placing objects into containers.
Has a strong exploratory impulse.