Beach themed fun!

This week in preschool the children have really enjoyed the new theme of the month ‘The Beach’. The children have had lots of fun exploring the new set up of the home corner. They have been pretending to go swimming, putting on suncream, selling beach items, making BBQ’s and talking about their own beach/holiday experiences.
Preschool have also enjoyed making their own ice-lollies, talking about the freezing and melting process.
We have created our own pictures using lemons and paint and have discussed how they smelt and all the different things that lemons can be used for.
We are looking forward to expanding on this topic in preschool, learning about travel/transport.

EYFS links
Engages in imaginative role play based on own first hand experiences.
Uses available resources to create props to support role play.
Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts.
Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experience.