Babies, Toddler 1 and Preschool

The babies have been exploring to the moon and back.  We constructed space rockets and created mixed media artwork that was out of this world! We crawled into a moon crater and squeezed the moon sand between our fingers. We explored light, dark and shadows and enjoyed the sensory experience of galactic play-dough with all its different colours and textures.


Toddler 1 have also been exploring space as part of National Space Week. The children recognised shapes and arranged them to create rocket pictures and made stars out of salt dough before painting them in sparkly metallic paint.
We have shared lots of really interesting and fun books about space and enjoyed playing with tin foil. Our sun catchers look great hanging in the window too!
As part of National Space Week, the Preschool children made rocket collages, loose parts models and papier mâché planets which was very messy! Pre-school were amazed how hard the glue turns when it dries. We have explored a space themed tuff tray and talked about our planet. The children learned about the sun and moon, day and night.
Funky Fingers is a series of activities for children to build their gross motor skills in their upper body and fine motor skills, grip and control in the hands and fingers. This is important preparation for pre-writing skills by strengthening all the tiny muscles in their hands. The children threaded pipe-cleaners through a colander to help develop their dexterity.
We have also been encouraging the children to help us set things up and tidy things away and help with all the jobs we have to do in Pre-school. We never have a shortage of volunteers and it is wonderful to see all of the children getting involved with every opportunity to help!