The toddlers have been discovering the theme of pirates.
The toddlers have been discovering the theme of pirates. The idea was sparked when one of the children brought in his treasure map to show everyone. He was so excited telling us all about it that we decided to further explore the world of pirates, starting by turning our home corner into a pirate cove. The children really enjoyed looking at the sensory table with the different sea shells and crystals, touching and feeling whilst talking about the different colours and looking at the compasses on the map. The children dressed up and pretended to be pirates, wearing eye patches and costumes and we continued the exciting activities throughout the week, making parrots in play-dough using different tools to make their own sculptures. We created our very own treasure maps drawing with the coloured pencils and then painting over with cold tea to make them look really old and played with gold slime describing the sticky and wet texture. Then the sneaky pirates came and hid treasure around our garden and we had great fun exploring and finding the treasure!

EYFS links

Plays alongside others. (16-26) Personal & Social

Interested in others’ play and starting to join in. (22-36) Personal & Social

Understands ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ in simple questions (e.g. Who’s that/can? What’s that? Where is.?). (22-36) Communication & Language

Uses simple sentences (e.g.’ Mummy going to work.’) (22-36) Communication & Language

Uses a variety of questions (e.g. what, where, who). (22-36) Communication & Language

Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools. (22-36) Physical

Beginning to use three fingers (tripod grip) to hold writing tools (22-36) Physical

Imitates drawing simple shapes such as circles and lines. (22-36) Physical

May be beginning to show preference for dominant hand. (22-36) Physical

Holds pencil between thumb and two fingers, no longer using whole-hand grasp. (30-50) Physical

Distinguishes between the different marks they make. (22-36) Literacy

Selects a small number of objects from a group when asked, for example, ‘please give me one’, ‘please give me two’. (22-36) Mathematics

Says some counting words randomly (16-26) Mathematics

Uses positional language. (30-50) Mathematics

Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects. (30-50) Understanding the world

Beginning to be interested in and describe the texture of things. (30-50) Expressive Art & Design

Beginning to make-believe by pretending. (22-36) Expressive Art & Design

Uses available resources to create props to support role-play. (30-50) Expressive Art & Design